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The Dutch police force is an organization that - in contrast to many other countries - is involved in true community policing, organized as it is into small, neighbourhood teams. This enables police officers and civilians to meet in the neighbourhood, to get to know and accept one another. Good ties provide trust and a sense of security. Knowing and trusting each other ensures faster information sharing both mutually and with us. Information that helps us keep the neighbourhood safe and pleasant as well as helping to prevent or solve crimes.
Alongside ties with civilians we also invest in good cooperation with our partners, networks and societal organizations. Here too, the same applies: knowing each other, exchanging relevant information and close cooperation solves more crimes and has a preventative effect. Process innovation helps.
Dutch police officers are proud of being in contact with civilians and (international) partners in this manner. In a time of terrorism and polarisation we see that being connected and sharing information are important foundations for collectively ensuring our safety and peace. Sport is a wonderful way of coming into positive contact with one another and exchanging experiences. Not just here in the Netherlands, but around the globe. Playing sports together connects, keeps us strong and fit. As this country’s police force we are proud that the World Police and Fire Games will take place in Rotterdam in 2021. Alongside the many sporting moments, there will also be a lot of social activities in Rotterdam. In short plenty of opportunities to meet each other and civilians, to exchange experiences and start life-long friendships.
Rotterdam is a safe city. Nevertheless, many of our officers will have a visible presence during the WPFG. Together we will ensure that the games come off safely and without a hitch, but they too are looking forward to being able to meet colleagues from around the globe and to create an untrammelled World Police and Fire Games in Rotterdam and the surrounding area.

WPFG 2021 is still some way off. Naturally, we can meet before then. A Dutch delegation will be present in both Los Angeles and Chengdu and our competitors will be happy to share their stories about working in the Netherlands and Rotterdam. They too look forward to meeting colleagues and have lots to say about our work and our wonderful country! Look us up! We all wear orange!