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The mayor of Rotterdam, Ahmed Aboutaleb.

"Rotterdam is extremely honored to host the WPFG in 2021!"

Rotterdam is not just a city to visit, it is a city to discover, an adventure for your senses. If you’re not afraid to take a leap in this vibrant metropolis, the experience will be unforgettable. That is what we wish for you, competitors of the 2021 World Police and Fire Games. And we also challenge you to push your own sportive and professional boundaries, of course.
At a global level, Rotterdam is a relatively small metropolis in size and population. That is not a disadvantage, on the contrary: these features make it possible to organize a very compact setting for the WPFG in 2021. Travel times are minimal, interaction and encounters are a primary focus: the WPFG will be seen and felt throughout our city. Everyone (competitors, locals and visitors) will clearly see on every street corner that the WPFG is taking place in Rotterdam, ideally suited to provide that opportunity in 2021.

Rotterdam is a young and vibrant city, with more than 187 nationalities living within its borders: city life focuses on all lifestyles and cultures. Rotterdam is also the main port to Europe and one of the largest ports worldwide. People and businesses are accustomed to do business all over the world. Due to this global orientation, everybody feels immediately at home here. Moreover, Rotterdam aims to be a ‘WE’ society, a community for everyone, regardless of origins, religious beliefs or skin color. Sports play an important role in achieving this.

The WPFG contributes to motivation, pride and respect for all the participating services. But it also creates a greater understanding among the public. A greater recognition, gratitude and appreciation of the work that the guardians of public order and safety do, often in difficult conditions. When there is a major fire or a serious accident, emergency responders have to stand side by side and work together, often without getting to know each other. That’s what makes it so important for policemen and firemen, customs and corrections personnel to meet each other in a sports-related and social setting! It is for them that we want to realize the goal of the WPFG: organize an unforgettable WPFG in which recognition, gratitude, appreciation, experience, sports, entertainment and fun are the most important.

The WPFG is a big motivation to get out there and do sports. Especially for people working in emergency services, physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle are essential. But an active and healthy life benefits everyone. That’s why we have special programs here in Rotterdam to encourage people to get exercise! That’s why the WPFG should not be missing on our list of large scale sport events. It gives an impulse to local economy, stimulates sports for the inhabitants and keeps our services fit and healthy.

Together with you, competitors, we are capable of making the 2021 edition of the WPFG in Rotterdam an incredible and unforgettable experience.